Shirt framing

Shirts are not just limited to football shirts, although these are the most common. Below are examples of jockey silks, rugby shirts, cricket jumpers and a golf T-shirt.​

The framing does not have to be confined to the shirt on its own. Other items can be included within the design to tell more of a story. This can include photographs, badges, tickets, programs and other mementoes.


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​Shirt Preparation

Our shirts are framed to conservation standards, a former is inserted into the shirt to hold it stable and give it shape, this is then stitched onto a conservation backing board for framing. All procedures are reversible and no tapes or adhesives are used on the shirt, as these can cause irreversible damage and reduce the value of the shirt.

Design Details

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Names on Shirts

If you have a number of signatures on a shirt make a note of the names as soon as possible as usually they are illegible and it can become a challenge working out who signed.

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