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​The frame has two functions, it is the outermost decorative border and secondly, it physically holds all the components together securely in a complete package for display.

We have around 1200 frame samples (mouldings) on display with hundreds more available to order from our catalogues. We can also wax and hand colour raw wood mouldings where a specific finish is required.

Screen at eagle gallery picture framing


As well as using a single frame moulding several mouldings can be used together to give contrasting colours and textures or just bigger frames for more intricate creative designs.


Often, especially when we are framing objects, a standard moulding is not deep enough to accommodate all the items to be framed. We therefore need to build an extension to the back, called a box or shadow box frame. This box can be made of raw wood then coloured or our preferred method is to use another finished moulding which is screwed and sealed to the front frame. The box frame is usually hidden behind the main frame or it can be used as a decorative feature on the side.


​Our mouldings are made of wood. Where possible we use wood from sustainable sources that are managed to meet social, economic and ecological needs for the present and future, as certified by the FSC and PEFC schemes. ​

picture framing mouldings
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