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​Multi Aperture Mounts

​Any mount with more than one window is a multi-aperture mount. This can take many forms but is most commonly used with photographic collections, family events, holidays, pets and sporting occasions for example. Other uses are stamp, coin and cigarette card collections.

With our latest software laying out and cutting a design can be done very quickly with any combination of various sized rectangles, squares, circles, ovals or even abstract shapes.

Computer Controlled Mount Cutting
Our Gunnar F1 computer-controlled mount cutter means we can now offer many more design options. We have always been able to cut fancy decorative corners and irregular shapes into mountboard, however.Now, with our state of the art equipment not only are we able to offer more choice we can also do it quicker and at a lower cost.

It is now possible to cut multiple windows in any combination, decorative corners, multi-layer mounts, trace shapes from photographs, cut out letters, numbers and names, creating unique framing designs. 
We have always been creative with our framing and pushed the boundaries but this machine has enabled us to go to a whole new level.

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