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Picture Frame Decoration

​​​Here decoration refers to the many techniques available to improve the presentation of artwork.

There are very few cases where a picture will not benefit from some form of decoration, shown below are some of the various options we can use, either on their own or, in combination for more intricate designs. Some of these take considerable skill and practice to carry out and Eagle Gallery Framing is unusual in the range it can offer, to a professional standard, along with the design skills to create award-winning quality frames.​

Award Winning Picture Framing 2016 Wallington

Multiple Mounts

One of the most common options is to add an extra mount, known as a double mount. Often a highlight colour is chosen as the under-mount. Boards can also be built up through 3, 4, 5 or more layers in the same or differing colours.


One or more lines can be added to a mount, usually in ink or watercolour, to contain and lead the eye to the image.

Coloured Bevels


When cutting a mount the bevel is usually white and this is fine but sometimes this can be too bright or we just want something else. Usually, we will choose a highlight colour similar to a double mount or we can use gold, silver or multiple colours. 

Coloured Mounts

​Colour can also be added to all or part of the mountboard surface. Sometimes this can be an extension of a coloured bevel onto the front of the mount or a band within the design. Various techniques can be used be we prefer the texture and finish from sponging with acrylics.   

Off-Set & Decorative Corners


The window in a mount is usually a rectangle so therefore has square corners. We can in fact make them round, stepped, angled and combined shapes. Often they are not required or appropriate but they can be a useful option. This can work particularly well on photographs and certificates. 



Inlays are rectangles, strips or other shapes cut into a single layer of mountboard. These inserts can be a different coloured board or hand-painted for custom effects. This is very useful for including team or college colours into a mount design.  

Covered Mounts


Mountboards can be covered in an assortment of papers, vinyl and fabrics for special finishes and different textures.

V Grooves


This is a V cut into the surface of the mount revealing the base mount colour usually white. Similar to a drawn line it has the added benefit of depth giving subtle shadows and tonal variation. The groove can also be coloured as required.

Deep Bevels


Standard mountboard is around 1.5mm thick, this can be increased by adding layers or we can add an extra deep, 3 - 10mm, bevelled strip. This can be covered in the same paper as the main mount or coloured to choice.

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