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Glass Choice

We have a wide range of glazing available for your framing. Our main four types are listed below.


Over the years many advances have developed in the specialist glass area. We can now not only offer protection from UV damage using Artglass 99 there are also a number of ranges of glass that have to be seen to be believed.


AR70 and Artglass AR 99 become almost invisible to the naked eye.


As standard, we use either a Float glass in 2mm thicknesses for works without value or Artglass 99 UV Protection for anything of value or importance.

AR70 Anti Reflect Glass is ideal where the clarity is important. This works great in box framing as the glass really enhances what you can see.

picture framing glass

Standard float glass

Most affordable glass with no UV Protection.


Artglass 99 UV Protection

Minimise fading cause by harmful UV radiation without the extra cost of an anti-reflective coating. Recommended for applications where protection from UV radiation and keeping down costs are the key concerns. Blocks 99% of UV radiation ideal for protecting artwork at minimum cost.


Anti Reflective Glass Artglass AR70

The best glass option for reflection-free and neutral viewing. Also incorporating a 70% UV filter to protect valuable artwork from fading over time. This anti-reflective coating is manufactured using an advanced magnetron sputtering process to deposit a molecular film. This technique guarantees unrivalled consistency durability and quality. This is a truly invisible glass!


Artglass AR 99 Museum

The highest performance anti-reflective glass with 99% UV protection. The “invisible” glass ensures neutral reflection colour and helps prevent the treasured keepsake from fading. It combines superb clarity with the best possible UV protection.

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