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Picture Framing

​We are not limited to the usual pictures on paper and canvas, watercolours, oils, photographs, posters and prints but can also frame a wide range of fabrics, objects, mementos and collections.
The gallery below is a small sample of the varied items we have framed over the  years, other specific areas of framing; ​sports​​, shirts​​, military and services​ are covered on following pages.

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Framing Samples    


These examples try to give some idea of the range of framing that we undertake.

Fancy, decorative framing is not always required or appropriate. Even for the simplest framing, it is still essential to make the right choice of mount - colour, size, proportion and shape and frame - material, colour, size, shape, texture and grain.

We want to make every piece we frame look its best from a child's first picture to a Damien Hurst original. ​

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