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Police Retirement Framing

We frame many police retirements and police leaving gifts. These are sometimes presented to us by the person who is retiring and wanting a lasting reminder of their service.

Most commonly we receive them by their colleagues who club together and bring the items to us to create a lasting memento of their service and given as a leaving gift.​

Prices start at £200. This price typically depends on the specific number of items being framed.

For more accurate information just email us with an idea of the items you have to include and we can provide an idea to you before you visit. 

The most typical items for framing are typically the epaulettes, truncheons, whistles and handcuffs. Just have a look at some of our photos for ideas.

We do also accept items via post, but we do recommend collection of the final framed piece in person. Local same day delivery can be arranged via courier.

Contact us with what items you have. Our turnaround is around two - five weeks.


Police Retirement Gift

Price depends greatly on the size, design, amount and type of items to be included. Below we have offered a guide to the cost of a bespoke frame based on different design. Remember each piece we make is bespoke and not off the shelf. 

FROM £200
Keeping it simple.

Using just a few items like epaulettes and adding some personalisation we can keep the cost low.



FROM £250

Our usual request.

Using more items like badges and whistles along with epaulettes this is the kind of piece we are asked to make the most often. 


FROM £350

Using items like truncheons and handcuffs means we have to create a larger and deeper frame which increases the cost. 

Police Retirement Framing

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Design Details

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