​​The mount is a coloured border between the picture and frame. This has two functions, firstly to separate the image from its surroundings so the picture can be viewed in its own space and secondly a physical application as it prevents the glass from touching the artwork.


As you will see on this and the adjoining pages a mount can take many forms. At Eagle Gallery, we are specialists in both mount cutting and decorating, traditional and modern. With our latest technology computerised mount cutter, we can now offer even more options than before and at a lower cost. Examples of various decorative techniques can be found on the following pages.

We have 100's available to order so we should be able to find the colour you need.​

Computer Controlled Mount Cutting


Our Gunnar F1 computer-controlled mount cutter means we can now offer many more design options, cut faster than ever before, and if you already have a frame and just need a mount we can often do it while you wait. We have always been able to cut fancy decorative corners and irregular shapes into mountboard, however, it tended to be time-consuming and therefore relatively costly.Now, with our state of the art equipment not only are we able to offer more choice we can also do it quicker and at a lower cost.

It is now possible to cut multiple windows in any combination, decorative corners, multi-layer mounts, trace shapes from photographs, cut out letters, numbers and names, creating unique framing designs. 


We have always been creative with our framing and pushed the boundaries but this machine has enabled us to go to a whole new level.

Photo Name Mounts​

We can cut mounts with a font specially designed for displaying photos. Names or teams cut be cut to any size in any of our coloured mountboards.

​Wedding Planners & Table Plans


There has been an increase in requests for us to produce large table plans, especially for weddings. Square, rectangular and circles can be easily cut to your layout plan in a wide selection of colours.

​Mount Cutting

If you already have a frame and picture or just want to display a photo we can cut a mount to suit.

Mounts can often be cut while you wait to your dimensions. ​

Please bring any frames and pictures into the studio then we can match the best colour mount and make sure everything fits.

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Sergeants Stripes Framing

A mount cutting design inspired by one of the two main features - the stripes.