We now have an impressive ability to remotely show you how your framing could look thanks to our visualisation software which includes every frame and mount choice we have in our studio. That is over 1500 options.

Eagle Gallery Framing Visalisation



Email, Text, WhatsApp or Facebook us with some details of your framing needs.


Include a picture of item(s) from above. This will help us design a frame visualisation for you.

TIP - We suggest putting item(s) on the floor and taking a photo from above.

Including the size of the item(s) or the overall size you would like the frame will help us price the framing.

Let us know any ideas, colours or designs you have in mind. 

Or just ask us what we think would suit and we will send some designs.

Once we have some details we will conduct a free, no obligation, contactless consultation by either way you feel comfortable .


We will use our visualisation software  to show you the design(s) and how the finished framing will look.


This involves us using your image(s) you supplied and creating a mock design which we will send you digitally.

At this point we can also give you a quote if you supplied the sizing and recommend specialised glass if needed.

Eagle Gallery Framing Visalisation