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Military medals are regular framing projects, primarily from the First and Second World War. The addition of photographs, badges, details of unit and dates of service can greatly enhance the display.

Mount colours are typically, green, navy blue and air force blue, as well as the usual neutral creams and off whites. Regimental colours can also be introduced as part of the design.

All work is carried out to conservation standards, items are pinned, stitched or encapsulated, we try to avoid it, but where adhesives have to be used they are water-based and reversible.

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SAS Print 'Evening in the Desert'

This David Shepherd limited edition print shows the early days of the SAS operating in the North African desert. Along the bottom of the picture is a map of North Africa showing various airfields and targets raided by the regiment. The gold line extends around the other three sides with light and dark blue lines, the regimental colours, either side. All line decoration was done by hand.