Picture Framing Awards & Competitions


Competitions offer the opportunity to push our creative talents, try new skills and test ourselves against some of the best designers in the country.

It is a fine line balancing being creative, enhancing the object being framed while showing off your framing skill and techniques.

Since 2012 Kevin started entering the competitions and in 2016 after being a finalist the past couple of years won two prestigious awards.

Kevin's Wins:

Fine Art Trade Guild - Best Mount Design  Winner 2016.

Fine Art Trade Guild - Guild Challenge  Winner 2016.

Fine Art Trade Guild - Best Mount Design  Winner 2017

Over the years Eagle Gallery's founder David Wilkie GCF has won nine titles which is more framing competition wins than any other UK framer, he has also won in every category, Creative, Set Piece and Mount Design.

David's Wins: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005 (twice), 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2014.​


Fine Art Trade Guild Winner
Award winning picture framing

Competition Awards

Known as the 'Framing Oscars' the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG) Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious in the art industry.

The FATG competitions are divided into two classes. The  Challenge or Set Piece Award is where all entrants receive the same image to frame.  The Creative or Free Thinking Award is where a general theme is given and the framer is free to choose the picture and or objects to be framed.

Since 2004 there has been an additional Award for Best Mount Design. Up to and including 2005 the Creative and Set Piece Awards had run together with the Creative Award being on a related theme to the Set Piece. Since 2006 a single competition has been organised alternating between the two categories.

There are occasional competitions from other organisations, The Picture Business, a trade magazine, has offered a prize for set images. Glass & Mirror, a trade supplier has run competitions to demonstrate the use of advanced glazing materials.

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